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Niles iC2 - Home Theater Automation and Control System

Includes Table Top Remote Control, Main System Unit, Two Power Supplies, Master Key Labels, ZigBee® Antenna And Extension Kit


  • The IC2™ Makes Home Theater So Easy Every Family Member Can Access The Entertainment
  • Combines All The Home Theater Remotes Into One Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Large, Ergonomically Positioned Buttons Simplify Operation For The User
  • Master Keys Can Be Custom Labeled To Reflect User Preferences And Specific Equipment
  • ZigBee® Wireless RF Communication Enables The Equipment To Be Hidden Away And Eliminates The Need To Point And Hold The Remote
  • Reliable One-Touch Operation Using Intelligent, Customized Command Sequences
  • A Single Press Of The Off Button Shuts Down The Entire System
  • The Remote’s Backlight Feature Enables Operation In Low-Light. The Tabletop Remote Can Even Programmed To Illuminate Automatically When A User Reaches For The Control
  • Long-Life Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Avoids Having To Constantly Change Out The Batteries
  • Ergonomic Design Looks Great On The Coffee Table And Rests Comfortably In Your Hand Or Lap
  • Includes Specialized Buttons For Controlling Today’s DVRs And Cable/Satellite Receivers
  • Intelligent System Management And Synchronization Ensures The Systems Works As It Should Each And Every Time
  • Control The Home Theater Equipment Via IR Or RS-232
  • HT-MSU Features Assignable 12V Outputs And Relays For Automating Devices
  • Flash Memory Ensures That Customized System Programming Never Gets Lost
  • RF Antenna With 10’ Extension Cable Enables Placement For Optimum Reception
  • HT-MSU Utilizes Low-Profile, Easy-Install Design


  • RF Section: 2.4-GHz Frequency ZigBee Wireless Mesh Technology
  • Signal Range: 75 To 100 Feet Open Air (22.86 To 30.48 Meters)
  • Wiring Requirements: RG59 CL Antenna Cable (included), CAT-5 Cable, 3 Conductor 22-gauge Cable, And 2 Conductor 22-gauge Cable
  • Trigger Output Voltage: Three Assignable Outputs At 12VDC 150mA
  • Contact Closures: Three Assignable Normally Open/Normally Closed Contact Closures Rated To Handle 12V @ 5 Amps Each
  • IR Ports: 8 Routed IR Flasher Ports And 1 Routable Global IR Output Port
  • RS232 Ports: 8 Routed RS232 Output Ports
  • Component Syncs: 8 Power Status Sync Ports Rated To Sense 12V 150mA Input Signals Or Video Voltage
  • IR Bandwidth: Compatible With Virtually All Brands Of Remotes Using Carrier Frequencies Between 26 And 105KHz
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 3.75 Volts 3500 Milliamp/hours
  • Dimensions: Tabletop Control - 7.5" L X 5.2" W X 3" H (19 Cm X 13.3 Cm X 7.5 Cm)
  • Dimensions: HT-MSU - 10.5" L X 6" W X 1" H (26.7 Cm X 15 Cm X 2.6 Cm)

Urządzenie objęte gwarancją polskiego dystrybutora, realizowaną w systemie door-to-door przez autoryzowany centralny serwis