Sempatap Sonofloor PF100 - rolka

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Sempatap Sonofloor PF100 - wykładzina akustyczna

Sonofloor PF100  is the underlayer to use with sub-parquet. It will be used in floating lay of this kinf of coating. The SBR latex foam properties allow a 19 dB to 21 dB noise damping, depending of the final covering. Its low thickness and stability allow it a multipurpose use. Sonofloor PF100 will not disturb the floor-heating.It could be reused in case of parquet switch. 

Sempatap have made a range of underlayer give the best compromise between thickness and phonic caracteristics. You can find them in the rubric "all our products" : Sonofloor-Sempafloor.

Szerokość rolki: 2m
Długość rolki: 12,5m

  • Sonofloor PF100 is specifically made for parquets.
  • Made of  SBR latex,  this sublayer will avoid the shock transmission from a floor to another.
  • Thickness 2 mm.
  • Roll of 12.5 ml per 2m


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