WorkPro LED CONTROL 3000 IR - salony w Katowicach i Toruniu zapraszają - profesjonalne systemy audiowizualne

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LED controller

LED CONTROL 3000 IR controller has specific features that increase the control possibilities of the elements.

It adds three control modes: through external DMX signal, programmer (XBR-1) or remote control thanks to its IR sensor. It is posible to adjust the function mode to the requirements of the installation and configure fixed programs thus they can be executed sequetially. Using a remote control or an external DMX console, users can configure its parameters at any time.

LED CONTROL 3000 IR has 10 patterns and a pattern sequence with adjustable chase speed control and fade time. Thanks to a series of configurable output modes through dip-switch it is possible to select the type of output: to control RGB level individually for each output or Colour + Brightness. Users can gather the outputs in a groups of 2, 4 8 or individually and configure these modes for each group.

LED CONTROL 3000 IR adds 8 outputs of 3A each one, which allow to set several zones from just one controller, to separate atmospheres and to access to its features using the remote control in a fast and simple way.



  • Outputs: 8 (up to 3 A /output).
  • Configuration: 10 patterns+sequence with speed and face. Colour, Colour+brightness, 1,2,4,8 groups, Master-slave.
  • Working temperature: -10° + 50°C.
  • Dimensions: 195 x 110 x 22 mm.
  • Weight: 200 g.


Urządzenie objęte gwarancją, realizowaną w systemie door-to-door przez autoryzowany centralny serwis