WorkPro SCAN 812 DMX - salony w Katowicach i Toruniu zapraszają - profesjonalne systemy audiowizualne

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WorkPro SCAN 812 DMX


Zapraszamy do współpracy w zakresie projektowania, sprzedaży i montażu profesjonalnych systemów:

  • audiowizualnych
  • Digital Signage
  • wideokonferencyjnych i telekonferencyjnych
  • sterowania (integracyjnych).


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DMX controllers

SCAN 812 DMXis a lighting console for intelligent lighting like scanners or moving heads. It features 192 DMX control channels that can manage 12 scanners and moving heads with 16 channels each. These channels are integrated in two scenes of 8 channels accessible from a simple push button. Allowing the creation of a really compact unit.

SCAN 812 DMX provides 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes each, and other 6 chases with a maximum of 240 programmable scenes from the 30 banks.
All these scenes can be triggered in differents modes.
- Manual (simply pressing the desired bank and scene).
- Auto (triggered in a sequential loop with speed and fade control).
- Audio (speed marked by the sound captured with the internal microphone).
- MIDI (allowing the scenes shot of the top 15 banks plus 6 chases and Blackout function).

The 6 programmable chases can be triggered with the same modes except manual. The scenes creation, edition and deleted is easy and intuitive, allowing at any time interact with them, modifying their parameters and assigning banks or chases.

Banks can be fully copied to perform a more comfortable edition of the scenes without the need of repeat all of them . Same function exist with information from scanners making easier and faster the programmation of several units.
SCAN 812 DMX incorporates an USB port is available to connect a lamp.



  • Lighting console designed to control 192 DMX channels (12 robots of 16 channels).
  • 30 banks of 8 programming scenes.
  • 6 chases per scenes.
  • Send/recieve files from backup between unities.
  • Speed, audio, MIDI and TAP SYNC synchronization.
  • Blackout function.
  • Memory against current failures.
  • Main supply: 9-12 V DC, 300 mA (included power supply unit).
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 132 x 73 mm.
  • Weight: 2.5 kg.


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